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Web Based Student Registration System

ECE 345 Design Project

Gary Chen and Otto Lee

Project Proposal
TA: Ajay Patel
September 15, 1999


The goal of this project is to provide a readily accessible and user-friendly system for students to register for classes. This would be similar to the current U of I Direct system, but it will also feature the following advantages. 1) As a web-based system, students will be able to have access from any computer that has a web browser and is connected to the Internet. 2) With a graphical interface, this system will be more user-friendly and intuitive to use.

The introduction of on-line registration was an enormous improvement over the old, cumbersome paper-based method. In much the same way, we hope our web-based system will improve over the current text-based, esoteric U of I Direct.

Project Goals and Intended Functions

Our web-based system will have the following functionality:

Students can access the system using any computer connected to the Internet and equipped with a web browser. - Once they are logged in, they can add, drop, and exchange classes. - They can also view their weekly schedule in tabular form. - A campus map will be displayed detailing the location of each of their classes. A counter will also be displayed indicating how many hours left a student has before completing his/her graduation requirements. - Administration would also be able to make changes to the registration database, and they will be able to place stipulations on registration, particularly adjusting the maximum credit hours a student can take.

Block Diagram

Performance Requirements

Rather than using the actual U of I database for our system, we will create a small mock database to demonstrate how our system works. The main indicator of performance will be the functionality, reliability, and stability of our system.

Testing Procedures

The most...
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