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2009 - 2010


First Year First Semester
First Year Second Semester
Second Year Third Semester
Second Year Fourth Semester




First Year First Semester
1.1. Perspective Management—5o marks
Course Content

Introduction to Management — Science. Theory & Practice, environment of Management

Managers & Entrepreneurs . Managerial Roles & Skill , Manager’s Social & Ethical Responsibilities.

Planning — Role. Need for planning, Types of planning, Levels of planning Corporate Planning & Long Range Planning

Organizing — Nature, Types of organizations. Designing Organization structure, Delegation and Autonomy

Leadership & Management - Role of Committees &, Group Decision Making in Management, Organizational Communication. Management of Change

Control Process &- Techniques. Use of Information Technology for Controlling

Reference Text

Management.- A Competency building approach -- Hollc Reiger Jackson / Slocum Principles of Management— Davar
Good to Great — Jim Collins
Stoner. Freeman & Guibert: Management (Prentice Hall India)
‘V’.S .P Rao & V Hari Krisna : Management Text & Cases (Excel Books). Heinz Weinen : Management (Tata McGraw Hill)
Certo : Modem Management. (Prentice Hall India)

1.2. Financial Accounting 100 marks
Course Content

Introduction to Accounting : Concept and necessity of Accounting An Overview of Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

Introduction and Meaning of GAAP; Concepts of Accounting: Impact of Accounting Concepts on Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

Accounting Mechanics: Process leading to preparation of Trial Balance arid Financial Statements; Preparation of Financial Statements with Adjustment Entries

Revenue Recognition and Measurement: Capital and Revenue Items: Treatment of I? & D Expenses. Preproduction Cost, Deferred Revenue Expenditure etc.

Fixed Assets and Depreciation Accounting.



Evaluation and Accounting or inventory

Preparation and Complete Understanding of Corporate Financial Statements : ‘T ’Form and Vertical Form of Financial Statements

Important Accounting Standard

Corporate Financial Reporting — Analysis of Interpretation thereof with reference Ratio Analysis. Fund Flow, Cash Flow.

Inflation Accounting

Ethic Issue in Accounting

Reference text:

Financial Accounting. Text & Case. Daardon & Bhattacharya
Financial Accounting (or Managers — T P Ghosh
Financial Accounting — Reporting & Analysis— 50cc & Diamond \ Financial Accounting. R Narayanaswamy
Full Text of Indian Accounting standard — Taxman Publication

1.3 Managerial Economics
Course Content

The Meaning scope & Method of Managerial Economics

Economics Concepts relevant to Business, Demand & supply, Production, Distribution Consumption & Consumption Function, Cost, Price, Competition, Monopoly, Profit,Optimization Margin & Average, Elasticity, Macro Analysis.

Cost & Productions Analysis, Cost Concepts, Short Term and long Term, Cost Output Relationship, Cost Multiple Products, Economics of Scale Production Functions, Cost & Profit Forecasting, Breakeven Analysis.

Cost & Production Analysis, Cost concepts, Short Term and Long Term, Output Relationship, Cost of Multiple Products, Economies of scale production Functions. Cost & Profit Forecasting, Breakeven Analysis.

Market Analysis, Competition, Kinds of Competitive, Situations, Oligopoly and Monopoly, Measuring Concentrating of Economic Power.

Pricing Decisions, Polities & Practices, Pricing & Output Decisions under Perfect & Imperfect Competition, Oligopoly & Monopoly, Pricing Methods, Product-line Pricing, Specific Pricing Problem, Price Dissemination, Price Forecasting.

Profit Management Role of Profit in...
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