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Project Cell Phone

Overall Goal
The goal of this project is to combine all your knowledge of patterning, algebra, and graphing, to put together a creative presentation as if you were a cell phone salesperson trying to help a customer make a decision about the cell phone plan that's best for them.

You will be presenting this "recommendation" to customers in the form of an advertisement. Be creative! You could do a video commercial, audio commercial or song, poster, PowerPoint, Prezi, spam e-mail, celebrity endorsement (an impersonation of course), or anything else - just make sure that whatever you decide to do, you are able to communicate all the important information to customers - look at the Rubric for how you will be marked!

You will be given a checklist to keep track of all the things you need to do. There is some time provided in class for working on the early stages, but as you start working on the final creative presentation, you will probably need to plan some time outside of class to work on it with your group members.

Phase 1
Phase 1 is Market Research. You will begin to think about your own needs as a cell phone user, and the needs of other people in your class. By interviewing each other and recording the data, you will get a pool of customer information that you can look at and analyze. You will be placed in groups ("sales teams") and each person will choose one customer from their pool of data as their "target customer" for the focus of their analysis. It will be more interesting if each person in your group chooses a customer that is very different from the others in terms of what they need in a cell phone plan.

Phase 2
Phase 2 is Analysis. You should focus on answering the questions that appear on your Progress Checklist, and making graphs or other visuals to help customers understand. Each group member should do their OWN analysis for THEIR customer. Help each other to understand how to do it, but don't do the work...
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