Topics: Cognitive science, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Cognitive psychology Pages: 10 (2908 words) Published: December 3, 2012

Assessment 3 & 4: Report Writing and Presentation-25% Submission date: October 8th, 2010

Prepared for Mr Mohamad Fairuz Ali

Prepared by EPP Group 3 Name Dyg Shuzaidah Shuailly Dt Abduludin Kong Tzak Siong Victoria Druce Matrix Num 18290 18745 25331

The Uncertainty Faced by Cognitive Science’s Student in Seeking Employment Related to their Field.

Report submitted as part of the requirement for the Assessment PBI 1012 Course

Supervisor: Mr Mohamad Fairuz Ali

English For Professional Purposes Centre of Language Studies Universiti Malaysia Sarawak October 8th, 2010

Faculty of Cognitive Science Human Development University Malaysia Sarawak 93400 Kota Samarahan Sarawak 7 October 2010

Mr. Mohamad Fairuz Ali Lecturer Center Language Studies University Malaysia Sarawak 93400 Kota Samarahan Sarawak Dear Mr. Fairuz: Enclosed is the report about “The Uncertainty Faced by Cognitive Science’s Student in Seeking Employment Related to Their Field”. By through the report we can    Identify the satisfaction of Cognitive Science students towards the courses offered in Cognitive Science Program. Assess the certainties of Cognitive Science students towards Cognitive Science courses. Predict the future prospect of Cognitive Science students.

The project has been conducted in order to identify factors of uncertainty faced by Cognitive Science students towards their courses and job seeking. The information in the report gained by through the data collection from first year and second year of Cognitive Science students. We feel very thankful for their cooperation and helping. If you have any questions about this report, you are kindly to ask Sincerely,

Kong Tzak Siong

Dyg Shuzaidah S.Dt Abduludin

Victoria Druce drucevictoria@yahoo.mail


Page List of Figures Executive Summary 1.0- INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of Study 1.2 Terms of References 1.3 Purposes of Study 1.4 Scope of Study 1.5 Methodology iv 1 1 1 1 2 2

2.0- FINDINGS 2.1 Result and Analysis 2.2 Factors of Uncertainties towards the Career Path among Cognitive Science program 3.0- RECOMMENDATION AND CONCLUSION 3.1 Recommendation 3.2 Conclusion References

2 2 5

6 6 6

List of Ilustration

Figure 1.1 The satisfaction towards entire courses offered in Cognitive Science progam Figure 1.2 Learnt a great deal in Cognitive Science Figure 2.1 Understand what have been taught in class Figure 2.2 Knowing what to do after graduated Figure 2.3 Clear Perspectives towards career path Figure 3.1 Perspective towards career after graduate Figure 3.2 Uncertainty towards the path to go efter graduated

iii. Executive Summary Sixty five students from Faculty of Cognitive Science are randomly selected for the survey to determine the satisfaction; certainties towards Cognitive Science and the future prospect for Cognitive Science Program. The respondents’ respond were overwhelming as all the sixty five which consisting of first and second year are positively contribute to the recommendations. In this survey, our groups used two methods to obtain the information to complete this report, which is through the observation and questionnaire methods. In the observations method, we always observe how does the respondents in the Faculty of Cognitive Science cope and satisfy towards this program. On top of that, for the questionnaire method, we are distributed the questions randomly to sixty five students including male and female from the first year and second year student of Cognitive Science program. Base on the gathering data from the respondents, we have made analyze and assess the data in Ms Excel. The finding result reveal that most of the students have given neutral feedback towards the courses offered in Cognitive Science Program and believe they will continue their journey in the future carrier related to this...
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