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Brief History
RC COLA is a franchise of Alfredo M. Yao (owner of Zest-O/Asian Spirit) from Royal Crown Cola International. Asiawide RefreshmentsCorporation (ARC) is the country’s licensed bottler manufacturer and distributer. In the 1970s, R.C. cola was popular in the Philippines with its franchisee Asiawide Beverages, after the brand disappeared for 3 decades, R.C.Cola was re-launched and now became the third largest-selling cola brand, toppling Coca-Cola's Pop Cola, and now behind Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola. In early 2002, a sparkling group of marketing and manufacturing experts pooled their strengths to establish a new soft drink company. Antonio Panajon, Gerry Garcia and Butch Aves teamed up with businessman Ricky Sandoval and food and beverage entrepreneur Fred Yao. Sharing the same passion and ideals as Royal Crown Cola International, they were awarded with the exclusive license to manufacture and distribute RC cola in the Philippines. Their vision was to offer a truly satisfying cola drink at an affordable price. 

Company Profile
Highly accomplished and enterprising, Tony Panajon, Gerry Garcia and Butch Aves decided to set up their own softdrink company. Together with Alfredo Yao and Ricky Sandoval - successful entrepreneurs in their own right - they pooled their knowledge and competencies in the beverage industry to form the cornerstone of the company called... Asiawide Refreshments Corporation.

Empowered with an exclusive license awarded by RC Cola, U.S.A. to manufacture and distribute RC Cola in the Philippines, Asiawide Refreshments Corporation steadily gained recognition. Under the guiding hand of its founders, the company continues to flourish and is now a major player in the beverage industry.

The vision of Asiawide Refreshments Corporation is to be the lowest cost producer of ready-to-drink, non-alcoholic beverages and to be able to market products with the best quality and value.

We put value first in everything we do. Proudly a Filipino company, this is the spirit that drives the way we do business. This is the personality and trademark we uphold. We value relationships with our colleagues and business partners, we turn out products of superior value, and we believe in advocating good values.


RC Cola Philippines was licensed by RC Cola International from Columbus, Georgia, USA. It was adopted by the owner of Zest-O/Asia Spirit and ARC (Asiawide Refreshments Corporation) named Alfredo M. Yao and become the country’s bottler manufacturer and distributor.

This plan will provide RC Cola Philippines to be the market leader in Southern part of the country from Bicol region to Visayas and Mindanao Island. RC Cola have been always saleable and famous in this part of the country rather than here in Luzon RC Cola is yet to be recognized by high-end customers and never been visible in any fastfood chain. In this plan we will introduce RC Cola for the first time in the common fastfood chain in Luzon such as Mcdonalds, Jollibee, Chowking, etc. RC Cola will start getting aggressive in the market by implementing promos and advertising which are attracted to people. Coca-cola and Pepsi-cola have always been aggressive in the market that’s why RC Cola was always behind those two. This year’s plan will make RC Cola gain more consumer recognition. Expect a different RC Cola in this plan, a much more competitive industry. Our main goal is to increase our net income to 35% this coming year.

Internal Environment
RC cola became the third largest selling cola brand in the Philippines behind Coca Cola and Pepsi-Cola. They focused on mass marketing and most of their advertisements are placed in areas where people can usually see it. Because of its very affordable price, lower class markets loved the product with one reason which is despite its low price the taste remains satisfying....
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