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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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Project 1: Hypotheses and the Scientific Method
Assignment Question 1: Read the scenario below and then analyze what is wrong with the hypothesis given. Renee has noticed that a few of her friends have better eyesight than she does. She watches what they eat and then decides to come up with a hypothesis. Her hypothesis is as follows: My friends who eat tasty food for lunch have the best eyesight. The problem with Renee’s hypostasis is that it is very vague and would not be testable. She did not name who the friends were that were eating the “tasty food” and what foods are they eating. Tasty food does not tell what they are eating. Assignment Question 2: Read the scenario below and then write three of your own good hypotheses about what is going on. Be sure to keep in mind the two characteristics of a good hypothesis discussed above. There are seven chickens in the farmyard. One morning, when you go out to feed them, you see only six. What might be occurring? Hypothesis 1: One of the chickens may have just run off to another area of the farm. Hypothesis 2: Someone may have taken one of the chickens from the farm. Hypothesis 3: Something may have happened to one of the chickens on the farm. It may be somewhere injured. Assignment Question 3: Read the story below and identify the variable, the control group, and the experimental group.

Crunch Inc. has decided to test out some new, no-salt potato chips. It hires 300 people and splits them into two groups that are mostly identical with regard to age, weight, height, gender, etc. The first group eats 2 ounces of regular potato chips and then completes a survey. The second group eats 2 ounces of the new, no-salt potato chips and completes the same survey. The variable is the no salt potato chips. The control group is the ones that eat regular potato chips. The experimental group is the ones who eat the no salt added chips. Assignment Question 4: First, come up with a good hypothesis about how any two of these 10...
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