Proj 595 Project Part 1

Topics: Boeing 787, Competition between Airbus and Boeing, Airbus A350 Pages: 4 (931 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Keller Graduate School of Management

PROJ 595: Project Risk Management

Development of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner- A Super-Efficient Airplane

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Fault Tree One
III. Discussion of Fault Tree One
IV. Fault Tree Two
V. Discussion of Fault Tree Two
VI. Conclusions
VII. Works cited

I am the Project Manager developing the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The development of this state-of-the-art airplane will include an international team of aerospace companies led by Boeing. The advances in this airplane will reduce the use of fuel by 20%, increase cargo capacity, increase nautical miles in a mid-range airplane, and improve passenger comfort. Boeing expects sales of 3,500 units over the next 20 years. (Norris & Wagner, 2009) To really understand the impact of multiple providers, along with the logistics to coordinate assembly, I will illustrate, discuss, and provide a conclusion using two decision tree analyses. The first fault tree will detail the delivery system and identify the failure that could result in delivery failure. The second fault tree details the lack of labor to assemble the airplane. Both pose results that have the potential to financially impact the project. The fault tree diagram will provide a visual representation of the risk and help analyze the cause by looking backwards to identify the root cause. II.Fault Tree One

III.Discussion of Fault Tree One
There are over 40 Companies/Business Units contributing to the success of developing the 787 Dreamliner. Nine of the Companies/Business Units are located outside of the United States. Given these two elements alone there are a number of faults that could cause the final assembly and completion date to be impacted. The first probable cause for missing the completion date is the supply chain. The supply chain flow ensures the material is available according to the inventory levels to...
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