Proj 586 Week 2: Project Charter/Scope

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Week 2: Project Charter/Scope
ProJ 586

Project Name| Construction of a new plant| Project Number| 001-001A| Project Manager| David Mulay| Prioritization| High|
Owner(s)| Walter Seitz| Start Date:| April 18, 2011|
Scheduled Completion Date:| June 30, 2012|

Mission| The Purpose of this project is to increase overall sales by developing new products, increasing productivity and national presence and reducing dependence on equipment suppliers. | |

Scope| The contract has a set budget if $2,750,000 by the project sponsor. The estimated budget for the project is $2,750,000 with a timeline of 1 year and three months. Upon final completion of the project the extent will contain: 1. Manufacturing plant/building in Huntsville, AL 2. Installed equipment to effectively produce product 3. Recruiting division for managers, distribution, plant operators 4. Procured Equipment, Raw Material and Truck Fleet 5. Work and production permits| |

Objectives| The Primary objective that dictates success is the creation of a fully operational plastics manufacturing plant, that has distribution capabilities and is completed by June 30th 2011under or equal to the budgeted amount of $2,750,000. The mitigating factors that will state complete success are as follows * Select resources such as: Architect, Real Estate Consultant, and General Contractor * Recruit and Train Managers for Huntsville Plant * Create a Pre-Production and Production Plan * Create a Building Concept and Design * Procure Building Site, Permits, and Appropriate Approvals * Construct the Huntsville Plant Building * Landscaping on Site * Personnel Recruiting for Plant Operations * Procure Equipment, Raw Material and Truck Fleet * Install Equipment * Create Product Distribution Plan and Pre-Production Plan * Start Up Production and Distribution | |

Assumptions| Success is derived from the assumptions that the procurement of materials is completed prior to the start date of April 18th 2011. The associating permits needed to break ground in Huntsville are required prior to the start date. The initial assessment of the project budget and time frame is based around the terms of prior planning and procurement. | |

Constraints| Many constraints can be mitigated but the few that cannot. The initial starting constraints applying to associating permits and state/federal regulations can offset the initial start date. In the initial weeks of ground breaking setting foundation for the structure can be offset by inclement weather. This process needs at least 2 weeks for compliant weather to complete the foundation. | |

Time/Decision Points| |
Decision point| Date| Title| Assessment|
Start date| 4/18/10| Ground breaking| Raw materials and permits| Phase I| 5/22/10| Foundation assessment| foundation completion| Phase 2| 12/18/10| Exterior construction| assessment by GC| Phase 3| 3/1/11| Interior completion| assessment by PM| Phase 4| 4/19/11| viability of building| Inspection passed| Phase 5| 5/14/11| Equipment installation| to code accepted equipment| End date| 6/30/11| Completion| Deliverables completed|

Cost/Financial Assumptions| Financial assumptions are based upon the delivery of the dictated project and all its demand by its shareholders. Contracted work will be completed with a pay of 30% down 70% completion. The life cycle of the construction fits the schedule of completion for 3 March 2011 allowing 4 months for overlap and extensions to include a similar budget analysis. | |

User Acceptance Criteria/Quality| All user acceptances are based around the time constraint of construction. Variable outliers can be extended but are limited each section of...
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