Prohibition of Fast Food

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Nowadays, one of the biggest industries in the whole world today is fast food chains, lots of cities around the world are full of fast food restaurants more than ever. Therefore, a lot of people eat fast food because it’s cheap, especially during this moment of crisis that we're facing. So, would it be productive if such food was banned? There are some advantages and disadvantages about banning fast food restaurants because of various reasons. Let’s look into it and see for ourselves if it is really worth the while. On the one hand, if new fast food restaurant openings are banned, I think that it might not have much of an effect. However, it would be more productive for the city to provide incentives for supermarkets in order to make healthy food within reach of local residents. Moreover, almost everybody is aware that these fast food chains serve menus with a high calorie content and, consequently, this causes problems of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and other heart related issues. On the other hand, as I said previously, a lot of people eat this kind of food because it is cheap or because the lack of time to cook at home that they have. Furthermore, fast food chains are improving their menus by releasing lower calorie food. What we cannot do is to forbid people from going to these places to eat or suddenly prohibit selling this kind of food in the supermarkets. If people want to eat fast food it is up to them, however they should be aware of the problems eating this junk food implies. As a conclusion, I would say that people cannot ban something that is widely accepted and patronized. Maybe a recommendation can be made but still, fast food chains are too much powerful, so it would be impossible to ban them especially when money is a primary concern.
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