Progressivism and the Progressive

Topics: Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft Pages: 9 (2328 words) Published: February 5, 2012
Starting into the 20th century the people knew that the Gov’t had to take more responsibility and they could’t have any more laissez-fare officers
Well before 1900 and after, politicians and writer had began to pin point targets for the progressive attack
The social Gospel promoted a brand of progressivism based on Christian based teaching to help get better housing and living conditions for the poor.
many women improved the fight for their list of needed reforms
The Progressive had their roots with the Green Back labor party and the populist party

II. Racking Muck with the Muckrakers

Beginning about 1902 a group of ten and fifteen percent popular magazines begun to through up dirt about trust
muckraker - An early twentieth-century group of American writers. Typically, their works exposed the wrongdoing of big business and government in the United States. Upton Sinclair's The Jungle exemplifies the muckraking novel.

despite presidential scolding these muckraker keep writing and some became best sellers books
Some of the most effective fire of the muckraker was shot a social evil like the “white slave” and industrial accidents, blacks who were still illiterate or child labor.
Dr. Harvey W. Wiley exposed the frauds that sold potent patent medicines by experimenting on himself.
The muckrakers sincerely believed that cures for the ills of American democracy, was more democracy.

III. Political Progressivism

Progressive reformers mainly were middle-class men and women who felt squeezed from the corporations from above and the immigrant hord from below.
their 2 main goals were 1: to use state power to curb the trusts 2: and to stem the socialist threat by improving conditions of life.
first step of the progressive reforms was to have regain the power that had slipped from the people’s hands. Also they wanted direct primary election so to under-cut bosses, they also wanted all laws placed on the ballet for final approval of the people

A number of state legislature passed corrupt prac. which in the end limited the amount of money they could spend on their election.
The secret ballet was becoming more famous and bribery was becoming harder because bosses didn’t know if their bribery worked.
Direct election of senators become a favorite.
congress was know as the millionaires club
The seventeenth amendment to the constitution approved in 1913 established election of us senators
Woman suffrage the goal of feminist received powerful new support progressive early in the 1900s believed that women’s votes would elevate the political tone.

IV. Progressivism in the cities and states

progressives scored some of their most impressive gains in the cities.
Urban reformers tackled “slumlords,” juvenile delinquency, and wide-open prostitution.
In Wisconsin, Governor Robert M. La Follette wrestled control from
the trusts and returned power to the people, becoming a Progressive leader in the process
Other states become progressive and begun to undertake railroads and trust

V. Progressive Women

Women proved themselves to be apart of the progressive party
A critical focus was the settlement house’s because women could’t hold office or vote settlement house’s opened the door to the public life.
Literacy clubs helped women show poetry and pose ands to educate themselves
Progressives also made improvements in the stand against
child labor, especially after a 1911 fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company in NYC which killed 146 workers, mostly young women.
Many people because would get drunk and invest in prostitution so the progressive started a war with alcohol and started organizations like the Woman’s Christian
Temperance Union (WCTU), founded by Frances E. Willard, and the
Anti-Saloon League were formed.
Finally, in 1919, the 18th Amendment prohibited the sale and drinking of alcohol.

VI TR’s Square Deal forLabor

TR soon jumped into the...
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