Topics: Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States, Initiative Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Blake Monroe
U.S. History
Progressivism Politics
During the Progressivism era in politics there were a lot of new things taking place. The way the government had done business for so many years was coming to an end, and new initiatives were starting to take place.

For example, during the Progressivism era there was a concern about politics previously being corrupt. Individuals were appointed to positions and offered jobs that they did not qualify for. Jobs were being handed out only to wealthy people whom could appease or had personal relationships with those on higher positions. So, there was a stance in place that made it be known people must be educated and qualified in order to hold a high profile job. In order to oversee this City reforms were put in place. Robert LaFollette from Wisconsin was there long-time leader. Once set in place numerous things began to change.

Prior to the city reforms being in place the way individuals went about their corruption was very apparent. But, the National Government passed the 17th Amendment which ended all of this. The new initiative made it so that individuals know had to place their signatures on certain laws in order to pass them; the initiative was the collecting of signatures. However, there was opposite sides of the argument which was that of the referendum which consisted of signatures also. But, the signatures were needed to make sure that the law was not to be passed. Other steps include Recall and Direct Primary. Recall consisted of collecting to hold a special election, or abrupt election. Direct primary was put in place to stop individuals whom were under a particular party to vote only directly for candidates whether under their party or not.

Also, during this time there were many strikes as many businesses knew about the corruption going on with in the National Government. Theodore Roosevelt was President during a multitude of strikes. For example, Roosevelt was the first President to...
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