Progressive vs Traditional Education

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During most of my schooling, the term “progressive education” has been used to identify the ideas and practices that are used to make schools more effective institutions of a democratic society. The Progressive education classroom, each child is praised and celebrated and there is a strong relationship between the teacher and the student, and it is very important. Progress education focuses on the child as a whole. Their cognitive, social and emotional development is the key to that child’s educational growth. If students are given the opportunity to design and construct their own learning, and build their own understanding and to integrate skills, information and concepts they

In a progressive education, ethics and morality are important parts of the curriculum. The learning environment is low anxiety and high challenge. Students are met and guided towards where they want and need to be.

In a traditional classroom, each child is treated the same, and students are assumed to all be equally ready for each level of instruction. Individual differences are ignored. Students are grouped by standardized methods of evaluation. The traditional educational environment, students are competing against each other, there is no time for students to show their individuality and mastery.

Traditional education has been looked down upon by those favoring the progressive movement. Traditional education has its own basis of importance in our schools classrooms today. Traditionalism should be used to master the tools of power and authority. The ability to read, write and communicate, and to gain enough traditional knowledge to understand the world around them.

Children, especially those who may be from a low socioeconomic lifestyle, should not be encouraged to follow natural inclinations which would only keep them ignorant and make them slaves to their emotions. Traditional education ensures that students from disadvantaged home are given the means to...
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