Progressive Rock Legacy

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  • Published : April 19, 2012
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Progressive Rock Era
Music is a form of expression that allows artist to share their experiences with others. A critical time in the progression of music especially rock music came about in the 1960’s. Many Individuals during that time turned to music to ease the troubles going on in the world. The hippie movement was a new phenomenon that came about during this time period. Drugs and sex became very popular amongst the people who were into rock music and part of the hippie movement. People of this counterculture turned away from the norms of life and wanted a much simpler life. This counterculture allowed music to improper for the time period and the revolution of rock music.

Bob Dylan was one of the first to introduce progressive rock music. He was doing a show at a folk music concert when he plugged in his electric guitar while singing folk music. People in the crowed were outrage, but in due time the music caught on. Bob Dylan combined bluegrass with rock music and created masterpieces. His spontaneity and creativity allowed listeners to slowly ease into a new type of music.

The Beatles, like Bob Dylan, created new sounds for their audiences. Given that the Beatles were very popular, they could experiment more than most artists without the fear of failure. The Beatles added lyrics about racy subjects that would have appalled many people just a couple years before. Since the Beatles were so popular and they exposed the public to this new progressive rock music, it allowed other artist to join the progressive rock era.

Progressive rock music cannot easily be defined. The music includes new sounds, jam sessions, trippy noises, and combining all sort of musical genres into one. White middle aged, middle class kids normally listened to this type of music. Largely influenced by the music, many of these listeners had a very different view of the world from their parents. These kids liked the experiences they got while listing to progressive rock music. It...
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