Progressive Insurance

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Progressive Insurance

Assignment question:

1. What is Progressive’s business?
A. They provide small business auto insurance to businesses like: * Landscaping and snowplow insurance
* Artisan and contractor insurance
* Courier and delivery insurance
* Restaurant and food service insurance
* Farming and livestock insurance
* Wholesale business insurance
* Religious and nonprofit organization insurance

B. They provide home insurance whether it’s for:
* Main home
* Vacation home
* Rental property
* Mobile home

C. RV Insurance such as:
* Motorcycle
* RV Camper
* Boats/water crafts
* Snow mobiles/crafts
* Truck/trailer

2. What is critical to the success of the business?
a. .They try to pay as quickly as possible.
b. They have claims adjusters on the street, not in an office so they can interact with clients faster. c. .They use a model called the IRV which is “immediate response vehicle”. d. .The IRV’s allow Progressive to settle claims at the scene of an accident. e. .The laptops that the field agents are equipped with come with printers so they can print off checks, estimates and claims right on the spot. f. .They also rely a great deal on 2 way radios as they communicate with the dispatchers about accidents and locations.

3. How does Progressive’s use of hardware contribute to these success factors?

Critical Success Factor| Type of Hardware| Contributions| Immediate response time to an accident| Vehicle | * Equipped with a laptop * .Digital camera * .cell phone and 2 way radio * .Printer| Ability to print out estimates, checks and claims instantly| Laptop and printer| * .Laptop * .Printer * . * .| Ability to assess costs of parts needed for repairs| Laptop| * Internet access * Database or catalogue of parts for cars and trucks| Ability to discuss policies and claims with customers while vehicle...
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