Progressive Hall of Fame

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  • Published : September 13, 2010
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“The Georgia Progressive Hall of Fame”

There are many reasons why Woodrow Wilson, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., and Henry Grady should become nominated to be charter members of the Progressive Hall of Fame. A Progressive is a person who favors a wide range of reforms including economic, social, political and moral. All of these gentleman have incorporated honor and justice into the tasks they have completed throughout there lives, each resembling the advancement and reorganization of the United States. Woodrow Wilson believed in and established a plan of progressive reform for the United States. Democrats persuaded him to run for governor of New Jersey in 1910, which he accomplished due to his extremely effective progressive platform. After his election as governor, Wilson soon decided to run for President of the United States. For this election, his campaign applied emphasis on individualism and states' rights. He won the election of 1912, and was re-elected for another term in 1916.

During his Presidency, soon after the Germans signed the Armistice (treaty) in November of 1918, Wilson went to Paris to try to construct an “enduring peace”. President Wilson, against his doctors’ warnings, even made a national tour to persuade the public to support the Versailles Treaty. He was very religious and believed that he was guided by God’s will. Wilson also wanted to personally determine the United States’ foreign policy. He sought after freeing the United States of trusts and restoring the old economy of shops and small businesses. By doing so, he reclaimed the “Anti-Trust Act”. Wilson personally said, “Americans...are meant to carry liberty and justice and the principles of humanity wherever [they] go, [they] go out and sell goods that will make the world more comfortable and more happy, and convert them to the principles of America”. Wilson desired an “orderly change” for not only the United States, but for humanity. That is why he should be...
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