Progression of Nursing

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“Every day, in 2012, 10,000 baby boomers turn 65. Back in 2003, only 5.7 percent of the U.S. population was 65 or older. Pretty soon, it will be 17.5 percent.” The United States is grappling with an aging population that is growing and at an astronomical rate that has impacted all aspects of the healthcare industry. The article Healthcare Industry Challenges for 2008- An Insider’s Perspective concentrates on two primary issue faced by the healthcare industry which include the aging population, and the considerable amount of uninsured Americans. The Baby booming era is now impacting the healthcare system as well as hospital administrators and health care providers alike. With such an increase in clients without adequate insurance coverage, hospitals are forced to impart care for patients who do not have sufficient coverage and cover the cost for the health care provided. This exploitation of the healthcare system offers a trickle-down effect impacting the financial sustainability of hospitals and the ability to adequately staff them throughout the country. Nurses are resilient practitioners that serve as the backbone as it pertains to the delivery of healthcare and patient recovery. As the shortage of nurses continues to grow, the taxing demands that are already in existence will continue to grow as well. The shortage of nurses affects every aspect of healthcare delivery and is the leading cause for occurrences such as Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPU). To add insult to injury, many insurance companies have instituted policies which state that they will not be responsible for the cost of preventable illness such as a hospital acquired pressure ulcers (HAPU)( calogero 2008). The theory behind this policy is the assumption that if the patient were receiving adequate care, such as turning the patient every two hours, then HAPU should never occur. However, HAPU is not this simplistic. The treatment of pressure ulcers, depending on the stage of...
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