Progression of Information Technology and Communications

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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The progression of information technology and communications in the workplace has been gigantic over the past twenty years. The internet explosion has allowed people fingertip access to more information than previous generations had access to in entire lifetimes. The internet is what led to the creation of what is now the most-used means of communication in the modern workplace—email. In the past two decades, email has evolved from being a computer company exclusive to a communication tool no modern corporation would envision itself without. As stated by Kristie Lorette of Demand Media, “Email is widely used as a form of business communication and overall it is a highly effective communication tool. Email is inexpensive, only requiring an Internet connection that is generally already present in the business. Although a printout of emails is possible, emails often stay as soft copies because archiving and retrieving email communications is easy to do. From the CEO to the janitorial staff and even temporary employees of the business can send and receive email communications.”

Emails are short documents that have the ability to convey complex and important information in very few words. They can be routine, regular documents and are a helpful in communicating new information because almost everyone is familiar with the email format. In the workplace, effective email communication is a necessity of everyday life. Business email is not the same as personal email. The style of work-related email should be more formal, making sure that spelling and grammar are correct, and always using a greeting at the beginning and a sign-off at the end. The only exception to the greeting rule is when a series of emails are going back and forth on a specific topic.

Email has been revolutionary in the world of business communication because information is quickly passed along with instantaneous efficiency and effectiveness. Employees are able to access information from a computer,...
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