Progression of Canada

Topics: Canada, United States, Canadian Pacific Railway Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: April 24, 2013
After the events of 1867, a newly-established country named Canada had recently purchased its West portion of land. Canada required a rapid development of its west in order to prevent the United States from taking over the new land. With a prime minister who had great visions for his country and a world with people in need of a new place to live, the only thing standing between the success of the development of the west was a group of people in hopes of defending their rights and freedom. Western Canada expanded rapidly after confederation in the late 1800’s because of the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway, the migration of new settlers in to the Prairies and the defeat of the Metis in Manitoba. I think the railway was the most important reason why Canada expanded. Macdonald wanted to build a railway which went all across Canada to British Columba. Macdonald also wanted to build it to stop Americans from expanding up north. After he won the election he put Hugh Allan in charge of construction of the railway. They also started bring in immigrants from china to work on the railway. The government started clearing out the area were the railway was going to be built. Next they started blasting thought the rocky with N2O. The government also started selling land around the railroad for towns. More people were hired to build the railway. Once the railway was finished people started moving into the west on the train. The railway finished in 10 years and that’s why the railway helped expand western Canada. One major incentive leading to Newly-Born Canada’s prompt development of the west was the significant number of immigrants arriving from around the world due to the success of the Immigration Policy in the late 1800’s. These people, mostly referred to as “Settlers”, were not opulent and often appeared from Europe where not only were farmers decreasing, but economic hardships were also present in the lives of many people. But with a world-wide...
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