Progress Reports for Dry Dock

Topics: Shipbuilding, Internal combustion engine, Hull Pages: 4 (865 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Progress 4:

Main focus:

How to leave the dry dock
Dry dock departure preparation
Certification renewal requirements
Sea Trials requirements


Lloyds and class surveyors both have to be appeased before the ships can be passed as sea-worthy in its class.

Ships sea trial requirements have been investigated , how must the ship perform, what load testing must the new engine under go, what period of time while the sea trials take,.

Chief engineer must ensure all tanks have been sounded,this is to ensure the ships stability is not comprimised anchor cables have been retrieved and stowed, also once all necessary pre-daperture checks have been completed and signed off, the chief will sign the authority to flood document, this allows the harbour master to start flooding the dry dock

Departure check lists have been researched, crew check lists have been sumarised, chief offocer aswell as the dry dock foreman must ensure that tank plugs have been replaced, closed, mooring lines are attached to the ship at the fore and aft ends, all shore supplies and gangways have been disconnected and or stored correctly, the ship master must endure the ships ballast is correct, I.e the ship must have a slightly greater draft aft than forward. Once the dry dock water level has reahced the sea level the gates must open, the tugs must be implace to attach and recive the lines from the ship, once clear of the gate the forward mooring line of the ship are realeased etc. once a safe distance the ship must move away under its own power. Then sea trial may begin, he new engine will be load tested, ie run at 20% then in gradients brought up to to 100% this is usually over a period of 24 hour, so that the engines fuel rack can be adjusted if necessary, to prevent over or underfueling of individual cylinders.

Progress 3:
Main focus:
Engine replacement/removal method
Dry dock modification requirements
Hull extrusion, opening
NDT testing...
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