Progress in Pakistan

Topics: Eid al-Adha, Mecca, Islam Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Progress in Pakistan
We have been independent for nearly six decades now and in spite of being blessed with a mass of vast land comprising fertile plains, jungles and glaciated high mountains, big rivers, a vast coast line, immense natural resources and an industrious huge manpower have not progressed as much as the other Asian countries have with much lesser resources and comparatively in the same or even lesser time. What is keeping us behind the others? Apart from certain obvious important factors, such as lack of; education, good and forward looking leadership (though somewhat compensated lately), enormous defense expenditure (an evil necessity), rampant corruption and wastage/non-utilization of resources, etc. the most important reason to my mind is the lack of awareness in the masses themselves to progress. Somehow they seem to be either resigned to their lot and think it to be ordained so by the Lord or do not have the will to advance in life. Unfortunately, their later thought is also being strengthened by a great misperception by our so called clergy that keeps hammering in them that this is a temporary world and that they should not build castles and palaces here and instead try to earn a place for themselves in Jannat. Firstly, not all can or have the means to build castles and palaces and secondly the path shown to them for a rewarded life hereafter is just the observance of a few religious rituals only. No concrete steps are suggested to them for their own betterment or that of the humanity at large. They are never reminded of conquering what all is contained in the Samawat wal Ard and the deep seas. Never lectured on “Allah will reward you but in accordance with your effort”. Never explained to them to “make use of the bounties of Allah which have been created for them”. With the result, everyone seems to be whiling away the time on this planet earth in the hope (or fear) of the life hereafter... If we look back in history, don’t we find the...
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