Programming Solution Proposal

Topics: Customer service, World Wide Web, File system Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Programming Solution Proposal
Crystal Wright
September 19, 2011
Christopher Stott

Programming Solution Proposal
“New York Freelance Technology is a web based organization affiliated with Montana Freelance Technology and GMR Web Services that continues to give you quality hosting at an affordable cost.” (New York Freelance Technology, 2011) Not only does NY Freetech perform web specific tasks, they also handle numerous person to person tasks such as custom computer building, videography and DVD authoring. Their web related tasks include web design, web development, graphics design, web hosting and DNS (domain name system). One thing NY Freetech does not have is a support forum for their customers. To contact customer service, currently you have to email them and wait for a reply. What is needed is a support forum. Customers or prospect customers can post in the forums and ask questions and the administrators can answer the questions. If other customers or users know the answer to the question, they can also answer. That will help the customers questions get answered faster. Upon reviewing the company website, I noticed there was no support forum. There is a small FAQ (frequently asked questions) but no forum. The personnel involved in the project have a certain role they must play, the steps of the program development cycle must be followed and the project should be performed in a modular fashion. For every task performed in any organization, personnel involved have roles they must play. For this particular task, two roles must be played by personnel. The first role is the role of the system administrator. The system administrator needs to create the database, assign a user to the database and set database permissions. The system administrator also needs to upload the forum software and set the file permissions for some of the files in the forum directories such as install directory and config files. There are many ways to do this but it is...
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