Program Review: Superbrands TV Show

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Review Superbrands TV Show – “Fashion”
Reviewing the Superbrands TV Show about Fashion made me know about how a brand influences to our brain even just by hearing the brand name and how important the brand name for the public nowadays. People nowadays is more aware to the expensive brand and preferring to wear T-Shirts, Glasses, and etc. just because of the brand name influences in their daily life and how they get so deeply into our minds. At the beginning of the show, they show some kids that are prefer a T-Shirt just by looking at the logo. They were given the same four T-Shirts with four different logos, and surprisingly all of the kids picked the familiar T-Shirt logo, which is the “Nike” logo, just by looking at the T-Shirts. The reason why they picked that is because they feel familiar with the logo and some prestige feeling by thinking of wearing the T-Shirt. They were visited a factory which is the biggest glasses factory that surprisingly produce some of well-known brand such as Chanel, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu, Raybean, and others. The first thing that comes to my mind is how can a customer prefer Chanel sunglasses than Raybean sunglasses while they are actually came from the same factory with using the same materials? How is the price is so different and yet we are still prefer for Chanel? By watching this, I understand that the influences of a brand name and the prestige feeling of using the expensive brand are affecting our buying behavior. They were also discussed about Louis Vuitton and learned how can Louis Vuitton became very popular in the fashion world. The brand value on 2010 is about £12,503,000,000. It affected by the marketing actually. Louis Vuitton is selling masses to the masses but they are keeping the exclusive for the rich people. On the top of a “Pyramid Model”, they were selling a very exclusive limited amount product that they will make anything you want, then for the middle part, you can find on the store that some bags...
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