Program Proposal for a Music Festival

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Benjamin Umstead and Jason Brackett
C.P. Music Festival
Program Proposal

Table of Contents
Goals and Objectives
Resource Needs
Risk Management Analysis
Critical Evaluation
Appendix A (Registration Form)
Appendix B (Liability Waiver)
Appendix C (Rules and Regulations)
Appendix D (Music Festival Survey)

Justification for Program Proposal
We are proposing a four-day, three night music festival sponsored by Pepsi and Under Armour in College Park, Maryland. Over the four days, there will be five stages set up in a giant field in College Park, with over a hundred bands playing over the weekend, including some of the most popular bands in the nation to headline every night. For the night there will be venues set up where people can buy camping spots for the night or they can get a hotel room in College Park for the weekend.

This program is necessary and desirable for any community and an extremely profitable program for both sponsoring companies, Pepsi and Under Armour. First, this is an extremely desirable program for both the sponsoring company because of profitability opportunities for both companies. Both companies will probably have to put up about three million dollars apiece to get all the bands, resources, and staff necessary to put the festival together. However, based on some of the other music festivals in the nation, just off ticket sales themselves, they can earn almost 25 million dollars to split. Bonnaroo charges 250 dollars for a four-day pass, which includes tickets, parking passes, and a camping spot. Over 90 thousand people went last year, and at 250 dollars a tickets, Bonnaroo brought in 22 and a half million dollars. Since we are doing ours at College Park, some people may not opt in and get a camping spot, the sponsors are both still looking at bringing in over ten million dollars apiece. Other than the money off the ticket prices that Pepsi and Under Armour, they will also make a lot of money on the stuff that people will buy at the park. Under Armour can sell tee shirts and Pepsi will control the food and drink vendors, while other vendors can pay a certain amount to come in and set up for the four day festival.

This program is also desirable for any community, especially the community of College Park. College Park is a big time college town that just like any other college town loses thousand of people buying items in the town over the summer time. This festival would be hosted over the summer in which over thirty thousand less people would be living in College Park than over the rest of the year. A town may have many reasons for not wanting ninety thousand people coming in and spend four days in their city but there are many reasons why this would help the city. First off, the revenue that the festival brings in would help the city in many ways. A large festival brings in such large profits that a festival makes more money for a community than what might have been made in a tax increase or loss in closing a park or a library. Festivals also bring renewed interested into a community, which will affect the city not only for the festival but also for every day of the year. Not only will it renew interest into a community, it also it gives the city a safe outlet for entertainment. A wide variety of bands and genres means many different types of people are apt to attend, giving a chance to meet new people and experience different cultures. Also, this program will create for full time jobs for the community, because this will be a year round job: planning, getting bands, selling tickets, and making sure the festival is a huge success every year. Overall, this program is very desirable and necessary for both College Park and all the sponsoring companies.

There are three primary client groups whom this proposal is focused towards. First will be College Park. Without the permission of the city to hold this festival, there will be no reason to try to get...
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