Program Planning Terminology

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  • Published : June 4, 2011
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I finally got that position as a program manager with SWFAS (Southwest Florida Addiction Services) that I had a lot of interest in. The program that they offer to clients is one that I am very interested in. The program offers help to all people who have chemical substance addictions. The organization conducted a needs and problem assessment and found that the need to open a new program for people who are addicted to prescription medications. We are putting into effect a theory to apply a practice to help the program. The inputs that we are using to establish intervention to our clients is one that will be monitored closely. Our outputs are that we are going to provide counseling to people that struggle with prescription drug abuse and give them the necessary tools for treatment. We will establish evaluative research to the program and measure it on the success that our clients have. We will use descriptive research on the part of the program that has success and see which parts work the best. The purpose of evaluation on the program is to enhance all of the parts of the program that are working for us. We are using service delivery model to turn our inputs into outputs for our program. And then we will evaluate the outcome by seeing how much our program is actually helping our clients with their addiction to prescription drugs. I just want to say thank you for letting me know about this position. You really helped me out a lot.
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