Program Planning and

Topics: Domestic violence, Evaluation, Child abuse Pages: 3 (740 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Program Planning and Evaluation

November 18, 2012

Agencies have programs to fill their mission and solve an intended problem. The programs have goals, objectives, activities, and outcomes that meet the needs of a target population. Programs have to be carefully planned by someone in the agency or someone who is called in for the program to succeed. That success is measured through program evaluation. Program planning and program evaluation are ongoing operations that promote and support each other (Yuen & Teraro, 2003). Program planning involves what has happened, what will happen, and what really would have happened. With program planning, a set of activities is developed that addresses and strives for change on a particular need or problem. Goals are then based on the coordinated activities. A needs and problems assessment is also necessary for successful program planning. This assessment provides the direction for the program’s plans. Different agencies have different methods of program planning. One of those methods is effectiveness-based program planning. This planning involves taking a program through a series of steps designed to produce a clear understanding of the problem to be addressed, to measure client problem type and severity at entry, to provide a relevant intervention, to measure client problem type and severity at exit, and to examine selected indicators in a follow-up study to determine long-range outcomes (Yuen & Teraro, 2003). This type of program planning has continuous assessment of the program’s performance by incorporating program evaluation. Program evaluations main purpose is to assess and improve the conceptualization, design, planning, administration, implementation, effectiveness, efficiency, and utility of social interventions in human service programs (Yuen & Teraro, 2003). Program evaluation is important for program funding. Funders for human service programs want to know what benefits are...
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