Program Objective Fulfillment

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  • Published : March 8, 2011
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Program Objective Fulfillment Paper

HCS 449

January 17, 2011

Marilyn Johnson

Program Objective Fulfillment Paper

Over the last two years this graduate has studied and taken courses to earn herself a bachelor’s degree in Science and Health Administration/Health Information Systems. The courses that have been studied range from Organizational Behavior and Introduction to Health and Disease to Economics: The Financing of Health Care and Database Concepts to the final course of the program Health Administration Capstone. Throughout this course of learning the graduate has learned how to use the Microsoft programs of PowerPoint, Excel, and Project. She has learned to work with a learning team and trust strangers to do their best work to earn the best grade. The graduate has also learned time management to do all the required readings and assignments and still be a good mother and wife. The main objective of most of the classes was to teach the graduate the components of management and leadership in a health care setting. In this paper the subject is to examine the components of management and leadership skills the graduate has learned throughout the last two years.


Management in any setting is the area that keeps the job environment stable. Management abides by a set of parameters of organization, planning, controlling, and directing. Not only that, but the person must also possess leadership skills. The graduate has learned to be a leader in the learning teams when she is usually a follower. The main management skill she has learned while attending class is time management. One has to complete the required work in a successful and well-organized manner just as a manager at a health care facility would. Without time management, everything would fall behind schedule and the facility would suffer to the point where it could go out of business. Time management also has to be used at home so that life does not suffer too. A fine line needs to be followed to be an effective manager at work and a wife at home. Managers try to be friends with employees and that does not work because when the time comes to lay down the law, the employee does not take the manager seriously. One should keep personal and work life separate.

Open communication is the next item important to management. Management follows the rules and ways of doing tasks set forth by the corporation. The management is the one who has to keep the personnel on the right track with following the rules. When communication is not first-rate within the organization, the workers stress and when stressed with a job some people choose to leave. This means if there is a high-turnover ratio in the workplace that something is not right and needs to be fixed. Management is the first place to look because they are the authority figure in the establishment. When management is not working effectively as a leader then management will be replaced. In the learning teams taken by the graduate, open communication was always written into the learning team charter. Without communication between the team members, the work would not be done and grades would suffer.

Management’s job is to control and problem-solve situations that arise. The graduate learned over the course of the last two years that situations do arise when relying on others to complete work within a learning team. A situation arose in one class where a classmate did not do her part of the assignment, and it was too late have someone else complete it. The instructor was notified of the situation and luckily points were not lost on the member’s that finished the assignment. This can relate to a work environment in which those who work and excel at his or her job will be acknowledged with praise and recognition. If praise and recognition do not exist, an employee will not work hard to succeed. The graduate has learned this through watching her husband at work by...
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