Program Evaluation Overview

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Overview of Program Evaluation
HCS/549 Evaluation Methodology
March 25, 2013

Program evaluation can be thought of as the process of examining a process or program and giving feedback on the findings. The feedback can be suggestions on how to improve business, financial proposals or workflow reworking. The evaluators can come from within the organization, outside (externally) or be government related. According to Posavac and Carey (2007), their definition of program evaluation is a collection of methods, skills, and sensitivities necessary to determine whether a human service is needed and how it would be used. Program evaluation should be done prior to when the program actually starts. It should be also used as a tool to see what worked for other facilities. By using other companies’ strategies, one can learn what can work for them. Program evaluation can be broken down into different types or models. Evaluation Models

Some common evaluation models used in today’s business world are traditional, social science research, industrial, black box and objectives based. Explanations of these models are as follows. The traditional model of evaluation involves an unofficial assessment from someone on the leadership team. This type of model is usually done by upper management, an owner or the business or administrator. With social science research, the theory is to use two groups. Just as with scientific studies, one would adhere to a program and the other would not, i.e. “the placebo”. That is when the evaluation would occur. This type of evaluation usually fails. It fails because of misinterpretation of the data, or the sample size of the groups involved. Quality control is making sure that you are putting out a good product or accurate answer. You will find quality control done in industry. When a product is inspected at the end of the assembly line, certain criteria need to be met in order for the product to be offered to...
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