Profitability: Fractional-reserve Banking and Space Related Cost

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  • Published : July 11, 2011
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Section: 1. Profitability Test
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Net interest income covers
-What you understand by the term Profitability
-Cost of idle funds What is the basis of calculating cost of idle funds -Identify Space related cost
-Branch Profitability Report is published on ____ basis
-Basis of Allocated Cost is
-Identify Manpower related cost
-SR for counterwise details required for transfer pricing to be updated -Recurring deposit is type of _______
-Profit is calculated as
-Direct costs are debited
-NII on interest income on deposits is calculated as
-BWRP stands for
-IandS product does not include
-Mr. Suneel wants to increase profit of his branch . Please guide him in selcting the correct option -Interest rate on term deposits is approved by
-Transaction banking fee is not earned on
-ALCO stands for
-Rate of interest on Saving Bank A/cs
-Which of the following statement does not hold good for interest on savings account -Identify the expense not paid through local RPC but is paid centrally -RPC / CPC Cost is apportioned based on _____

-Space TP is charged based on
-Mr. Sulabh Gupta, Branch Manager wants to get higher NII . He has to source ______ -SEG cost is apportioned based on ______
-Identify Manpower related cost
-Expand NII
-QAB stands for
-Call Centre cost is apportioned based on ______
-Profitability is _________
-Transfer Pricing includes
-RTG cost is apportioned based on ______
-Rent is ---------- expense
-Identify Space related cost
-Agri Loans is product offered by_______
-Corporate cost is apportioned based on ________
-Idle funds include
-Ms Alvira is appointed as Branch Manager of newly opened branch . She wants to indent stationery for her branch. Please Guide her to requisite stationery for her branch. -Branch Manager has to make provision in P-form for paid bills -How to improve transaction banking fee...