Profit Maximization vs Wealth Maximization

Topics: Ratio, Time value of money, Stock market Pages: 31 (5724 words) Published: October 14, 2011
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In requirement of partial fulfillment of Master of Business Administration (MBA) Submitted on

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As a part of the curriculum of the MBA Program of the _________________, the students are required to undergo project work in addition to their theoretical study so as to enable them to have the knowledge of theoretical aspects taught in the class room with its practical application.

As students of management it is learning experience to analyze an industry. It is the most essentials tools for us to expose our skill as a future responsible managerial post. The preparation of this project report is based on the financial analysis of annual reports consecutive years of five public limited companies, using Ratio analysis and other tools.

The scope of the project report is limited to the study of financial position and analysis of the financial objectives of the companies on the basis of published data available.

My work in this project is therefore a humble attempt towards this end.

I have tried my best to get the necessary information for project which includes secondary. In spite of my best efforts there may be errors of omissions and commissions, which may be please excused.


This report has been submitting in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the award of M.B.A. from _____________________________________

It is a universal fact that for study of a project in depth, I need the support of many people right from the stage of conceiving the idea to completion of report. It is difficult for a single person to do the job efficiently without interaction & involvement of others.

I take this opportunity to thank ________________________our director ____________ and our inspiration our guides, _______________________ For giving me Valuable Guidance and providing facilities to successfully complete my Grand Project.

I am grateful to other faculty members of ___________for their support whenever required. Discussions with friends also have served to provide sought after information. I am thankful to all our batch mates.

Finally I am thankful to my parents and Lord Almighty without whose blessings tasks are incomplete. TABLE OF CONTENT
|SR. No. |PARTICULAR |PAGENO. | |1 |INTRODUCTION |6-8 | |2 |THEORETICAL APPROACH | | | |( A) PROFIT MAXIMIZATION | | | |Meaning |10 | | |Definition |11 | | |Characteristics |12 | | |Merits |13 | | |Demerits |14 | | |Factors affecting |15 | | | (B) WEALTH MAXIMIZATION | | | |Introduction |16 | | |Meaning |18...
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