Profile Snapshot, English 101

Topics: Family, Childhood Pages: 3 (528 words) Published: December 10, 2011
Daniel Loomis
English 101
MS 5: Snapshot Profile/524
April 13th 2010

Typical College Freshman or Unusual Individual; Annalicia Larranaga

One of the first things I notice about Annalicia is her calm and reserved manner.

She is a first year freshman at the University of New Mexico and I found her to be an

unusually focused person for her age group. Annalicia knows exactly want she wants to

do for a living and she also has a back up plan. I find this pretty remarkable because most

college freshman and even college graduates have or had no idea what they wanted to do

for a long time while just managing not to flunk out of school.

Annalicia grew up in Austin, Texas. A hot and dusty climate just like our own

here in Albuquerque. She loves the heat. It fits her intensity that hides behind her

calmness. When she was a little girl and her parents had 2 more children, Annalicia

became more of a devil child then the angel she had been. It’s ironic that at this time she

refused to learn how to read because her mom was a teacher. But she was 4 years old and

an only child until the first sibling arrived. Annalicia expressed that to this day she does

not really like change. As this interview is being conducted she is writing down

significant points. About this time period she writes “Quiet as a child, was a bad child”.

As we continue on it’s apparent that her family is very close and they did not hold

a grudge for her childish emotions, she was only 4 after all. It’s because of her uncle who

is just a couple of years older that Annalicia knows what she wants to do. He is a
pharmacist and he got into medicine because of his own condition of asthma. They have

always been close. Annalicia has looked up to him since they were young and even

wanted him to move here when he was relocating.

Annalicias’ grandmother has also had an effect on who she is and who she aspires...
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