Profile of the Doric Development Com. Ltd.

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Chapter One: Introduction

1.1Introduction of the Report

The present study deals with marketing policies of the Doric Development Com. Ltd. the head office of the firm is at Dhanmondi Dhaka. The projects of the firm is scattered throughout the country. I have observed the matter very deeply that how they are conducting their marketing. The special features of theirs marketing policies are also observed. It will help my academic purpose. As a student of BBA (Major Marketing) it is also my interest to observe the marketing policy of the selected firm Doric Development Com. Ltd. it will also help the peoples who are interested to study to marketing policies and its analysis

2.2Objectives of the study

The present study normally deals with the policy matter of a real estate company. The specific objectives of the study is to

The objective of the study

The main objectives of this report are to study the:

i)Strategic situation analysis of marketing

ii)Design of Marketing Strategy

iii)Development of marketing program

iv) Implementing and managing marketing strategy

13 Scope of the Report

Marketing Strategy of Doric Development Ltd. is a large issue. My report touches only the key point of the area under discussion. The study would focus on the following areas-

History of the Organization,

Objective of the Organization,

Functions of the Organization,

Role of organization for economic Development of Bangladesh.

Organ gram of the Organization,

Present program of the Organization, Market Size, Market Analysis, Industry Cost Structure, Market Profitability, Technological progress, Key Success Factors, Improved manufacturing quality & improved service delivery, Improved employee working conditions/benefits, Involvement with social trends etc.

Each of the above areas is critically analyzed in order to determine the efficiency of Marketing Strategy and the clearing function as well.

3. Methodology of the Study
For carrying out this project paper I had to study the actual Marketing Strategy of Doric Development Ltd. In order to carry out this study, two sources of data and information have been used:

a) primary data
I discussed with the executives & officials of the Doric Development Ltd. And found the approximate data, which has been presented in the report. I also discussed with the officials of conventional company & Real estate regarding the issue and found necessary information, which has been presented in the report. b) Secondary data

• Annual Reports of 2010-2011
• Desk report of the related department

4. Time Schedule
| |Particular |Duration |Remarks | |01 |Data collection, Analysis & |1 Month & 15 days | | | |Consultations with the | | | | |Supervisor | | | |02 |Data observation & separation |15 Days | | |03 |Data input to computer, |25Days | | | |setting, processing& preparing | | | | |the report | | | |04 |Make a output as a book & shown|5 Day | | | |the supervisor for correction |...
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