Profile of Stewie Griffin

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  • Published : May 11, 2008
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Stewie Griffin

Stewie griffin is an interesting character. He is only one year old , but his life goal is to become the supreme ruler of the known world. One of his other top goals is to kill his mother. He suffers from a wide variety of psychological disorders including megalomania and acute paranoia. He just recently celebrated his one year anniversary of his escape from his mothers “cursed ovarian Bastille.” he was incarcerated in this place for nine months after him and his “sperm fighter” crashed and was captured in the egg.

Stewie has a love hate relationship with his mother, Lois. During his life, he has made many attempts at ending her life. All the while he realizes that without her, there would be no one to take care of him. Throughout all of his attempts at killing her, she has managed to escape unharmed. This doesn't mean she is off the hook. In one episode, he manages to kill her, but later in the episode, she just suddenly shows up as if nothing ever happened.

Stewie has a very unique attitude toward life. He has a very sophisticated style of speaking with a very broad vocabulary. He like literature and has a knack for sophisticated electronics. In almost every episode, stewie builds a new death ray or equivalent to try to take Lois's life. In one episode, he builds a time machine to try and stop Lois from ever being conceived, but this turns bad when he realizes that without Lois, he would be no more. His speech can be best described as a “quivering lisp.” His disorders are what make him an interesting person. He is always looking over his shoulder because he just knows that the world is out to get him. This is his acute paranoia. His want to be the ruller of the world is the effects of his issues with megalomania.

Stewie's personality can best be described using his own words. Stewie quoting himself,”well I'd love to stay and chat but your a total bitch.” Stewie talking about his mother”, Its not that I want to kill her, its just I don't...
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