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主 要 行 政 人 員簡 介

Profile of Key Executives

Ms Prudence Bik Wah Chan

陳女士現年五十三歲,於二零一一年加盟 集團出任董事 ─ 租務及銷售。陳女士負責 制定及執行香港及中國內地物業租務及管 理發展之策略及業務計劃。彼在金融、零 售及電訊行業方面擁有逾二十年管理經驗。

Aged 53, Ms Chan joined the Group in 2011 as Director — Leasing & Sales. She is responsible for formulating and implementing strategies and business plans for the development of the Group’s property leasing and management in Hong Kong and the Mainland. Ms Chan possesses over 20 years of management experience in various industries such as finance, retail and telecommunications.

公司秘書、總法律顧問及助理董事 ─ 集團事務

Ms Bella Peck Lim Chhoa
Company Secretary, General Counsel and Assistant Director — Corporate Affairs

蔡女士現年四十一歲,於二零一一年加入 集團為公司秘書、總法律顧問及助理董事 ─ 集 團 事 務, 負 責 管 理 本 集 團 的 公 司 秘 書、法律及人力資源及培訓的職務。彼於 加盟本集團前曾於另外兩間香港聯合交易 所有限公司上市公司擔任法律主管及公司 秘書多年。蔡女士為香港執業律師,並持 有香港大學之法學學位及香港中文大學之 工商管理碩士學位。

Aged 41, Ms Chhoa joined the Group as Company Secretary, General Counsel and Assistant Director — Corporate Affairs in 2011. She is responsible for overseeing the company secretarial, legal and human resources and training functions of the Group. Prior to joining the Group, she was head of the legal department and company secretary of two other companies listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited for a number of years. Ms Chhoa is a solicitor qualified to practice in Hong Kong. She graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor degree in law and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

助理董事 ─ 租務及物業管理

Mr Henry Kam Ling Cheung
Assistant Director — Leasing & Management

張先生現年五十五歲,於一九八三年加盟 集團出任行政助理。彼於一九八四年加入 租務及物業管理部,於一九九四年晉升為 高級物業經理,並於二零零六年獲晉升至 助理董事。張先生持有加拿大維多利亞大 學經濟學學士學位及美國南伊利諾大學工 商管理碩士學位。

Aged 55, Mr Cheung joined the Group as an Executive Assistant in 1983. He has worked in the Leasing and Management Division since 1984 and was promoted to Senior Property Manager in 1994. Mr Cheung was appointed as Assistant Director in 2006. He holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Victoria, Canada and a Master of Business Administration degree from Southern Illinois University, USA.



主要 行政人員簡介

Profile of Key Executives

助理董事 ─ 項目建設

Mr Ivan Tak Wa Kung
Assistant Director — Project Construction

龔先生現年四十七歲,於二零一一年加盟 集團出任助理董事 ─ 項目建設。龔先生 擁有逾二十年之建築設計和項目管理的經 驗, 曾 於 著 名 地 產 發 展 商 及 顧 問 公 司 任 職。龔先生持有美國哈佛大學設計學 (都市 及房屋) 碩士學位及香港大學建築學學士學 位。彼為香港註冊建築師、香港建築師學 會之會員及建築物條例之認可人士。彼亦 為英國皇家建築師協會會員、美國綠色建 築協會所頒發的 “能 源 及 環 境 設 計 先 鋒 獎 (LEED)” 認證專業人員及擁有中華人民共和 國一級註冊建築師資格。

Aged 47 Mr Kung joined the Group as Assistant Director — , Project Construction in 2011. Mr Kung possesses over 20 years of experience in architectural design and project management with leading property developer and consultant. Mr Kung holds a Master of Design Studies (Urbanization and Housing) degree from Harvard University, USA and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from The University of Hong Kong. He is a Registered Architect in Hong Kong, a Member of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects and an Authorized Person under Buildings Ordinance. He is also an Associate Member of Royal Institute of British Architects and a LEED Accredited Professional, USGBC, and he holds a PRC Class 1 Registered Architect Qualification.

助理董事 ─ 集團傳訊

Mr Chuk Fai Kwan
Assistant Director — Corporate Communications

關先生現年五十二歲,於二零一一年加盟 集團出任助理董事 ─ 集團傳訊。關先生擁 有逾二十五年任職於公共關係及集團事務 的經驗。彼持有加拿大西安大略大學行政 人員工商管理碩士學位及香港大學文學士 學位。

Aged 52, Mr Kwan joined the Group as Assistant Director — Corporate Communications in 2011. Mr Kwan possesses over 25 years of public relations and corporate affairs experience. He holds an Executive MBA degree from The University of Western Ontario, Canada and a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Hong Kong.

助理董事 ─ 項目發展

Mr Moses Woon Tim Leung
Assistant Director — Project Planning...
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