Profile of Hamas

Topics: Hamas, Israel, Palestinian National Authority Pages: 10 (3221 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Key Issues in International Terrorism

Module Assignment

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|Date |16 may 2013 | |Name |Dennis Donald Ribeiro-Addy | |Email address | | |Student ID Number |Dr1285 | |Topic |PROFILE OF HAMAS | |Total Number of Words |2655 |

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Assignment Topic

The table below displays the assignment topic in brief.

|Assignment |Description |Assignment Outcome | |Write a Profile of a Terrorist Group |You will write a profile of any one of the terrorist |This assignment will help you to | | |groups provided as options. |understand what factual details to | |Options | |study, to analyse the data and be able| |(select any one) |The assignment will necessarily focus on two aspects –|to judge the lethality, impact and | | |Facts and Analysis. |strategic tendencies of a terrorist | |IRA * | |group. | |LTTE |1. Facts | | |Hamas |The profile should contain the origins, aims and | | |ETA |ideology, leadership, structure, strategies and attack| | | |record of the group. | | |*Note for IRA option: Although the | | | |focus will be on PIRA, the ideal is to |2. Analysis | | |give a brief background to the origins |You will also provide a brief assessment of the | | |of the IRA, before covering the more |group’s impact and write a comment on the future of | | |recent history including the Troubles, |the group. |...
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