Profile of an Entrepreneur

Topics: Cosmetics, Entrepreneur, Fashion Pages: 17 (5318 words) Published: December 22, 2012
BUS 101 Sec – 8 Group Project
Submitted to: M Saidur Rahman (Sdu)
School of Business, BBA Program
North South University

5th August 2010


Prepared By :
Ashiqur Rahman (GL) 1010622030 Syeda Faria Alim 1020907030 Kajiul Hazad Khondoker 1020440030 Imtiaz Faisal 1010181030 Shah Nawaz Sabi 1020732030 Nusrat Jahan 0930973030

Table of Contents:
Index| TITLE| Page No.| 1| Introduction| 3|
1.1| Letter of Transmittal| 3|
1.2| Acknowledgements| 4|
1.3| Executive Summary| 5|
1.4| Scope and Objectives of the report| 6|
1.5| Research Methodology| 6|
2| Background of the Entrepreneur| |
2.1| Family Background| 7|
2.2| Academics and Career| 7|
2.3| Ambition/Vision| 8|
2.4| Some Achievements| 8|
3| Background of the Business| |
3.1| Mission| 9|
3.2| The Beginning| 9|
3.3| Initial Investment and Funding| 10|
3.4| Vision of Success| 11|
3.5 | Services Offered| 11|
3.6| SWOT Analysis| 12|
4| Business Analysis| |
4.1| Employment| 13|
4.2| Management and Leadership| 14|
4.3| Marketing| 14|
4.4| Sales, Market Segmentation and Competition| 15|
4.5| Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)| 17|
4.6| Levels of Management| 18|
4.7| Product life Cycle (PLC)| 19|
5| Outlets and Other Concerns| 20|
6| Researchers comments and Conclusion| 21|
7| References| 22|
1 Introduction:
1.1 Letter of Transmittal
Mr. M Saidur Rahman (Saeed) 5th August 2010 Lecturer, School of Business
North South University
Subject: Submission of group report.
Dear Sir,
Here is the group report on the profile of an entrepreneur and her business that you asked to prepare as a part of requirement for our Bus 101 course. In presenting this report, we have given our full potential with all the relevant information and the expectations to make the report informative and comprehensive, successfully overcoming all the minor problems that we had to face. It was a very valuable and enthralling experience for us to prepare this report. This report has definitely helped us to broaden our knowledge in collecting information, writing and communicating it effectively with utmost professionalism. If you have any further inquiry or doubt regarding this report, please do not hesitate to consult with us in the classroom, and we would be pleased to help. Thank you for believing in us and giving us this great opportunity. Yours Sincerely,

……………….. ……………….. ……………… ………………… …………….. Ashiqur Rahman Shah Nawaz Sabi Imtiaz Faisal Syeda Faria Alim Hazad Khondoker ……................
Nusrat Jahan
1.2 Acknowledgements

First and foremost would like to thank Almighty Allah for giving us the patience and the ability to work hard with great sincerity. We would like to thank our course instructor, Mr. M Saidur Rahman for his worthy guidance, encouragement and suggestions throughout the entire BUS 101 course. Without his...
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