Profile International Markets for Evt4000

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Profile international markets

Executive Summary---------------------------------------------------------p.3


Report Background----------------------------------------------------------p.6

Possible Overseas Markets Analysis--------------------------------------p.7

Type of Innovation-Dynamic continuous Innovation-------------------p.15

International market segmentation for EVT4000------------------------p.17

Market Selection by using the 5-Stage Approach-South Korea-------p.19

Reasons for Rejection of the Other Two Target Segments--------------p.21

Possible Competitors in the Target Segment------------------------------p.22

Positioning Strategy for the EVT4000-------------------------------------p.23

SWOT Analysis---------------------------------------------------------------p.24

EVT4000 Marketing Mix----------------------------------------------------p.26


Executive Summary

After the following research and some data analysis, we are already select South Korea to import our product EVT4000.

Nowadays, South Korea s a high-income developed country and it has a closely cooperation relationship with China so their relationship are closely linked.

Obviously, the green-based economic strategy is a comprehensive overhaul of South Korea's economy. Therefore, we see the point is that the benefit of this strategy can reduce energy usage.

Next, South Korea has a market economy which ranks 14th in the world by nominal GDP and 12th by purchasing power parity (PPP), identifying it as one of the G-20 major economies. Also, it is a high-income developed country and is a member of OECD.

Also, we see the point is that South Korea is one of the Asian Tigers, and South Korea is still one of the fastest growing developed countries in the 2000s, along with Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, the other three members of Asian Tigers.

Why we reject other two target markets (Taiwan and Japan) ?

We will choose South Korea and rejection of the other two target segment. We are abandoning Japan because the earthquake of 2011.3.11. It was bring out Radiation problem.

The problem was influence Japanese economy deeply. Second, Japan's road spending has been extensive so there were not many people willing to spend money on scooters. They think that railway are convenient than scooters.

We are abandoning Taiwan because scooters are a very common means of transportation in there since their cultural. It is too many competitors in Taiwan market. If we enter this market, we would face difficult problem. Next, Taiwan was the lowest birth rate in the world. Therefore, it means that the number of our target customer will be decrease.

Finally, we choose South Korea because their government supports environmental protection. They try to carry out green based economic strategy. If we enter this market, it would be easier that other two countries and easy to get market share of Korea.

A lot of different functions of EVT4000 are showing as below:

Overheat protection:

This function of overheat protection is that when the system temperature attains to limit, the system will cut half of totally cut off the electric power.

Also, when the electric power flow is higher than the secure limit time, it will cut off the power.

Battery energy management:

When the electric power less than the 10%, is will warm to issue the sound ,‘’beep’’ and remind user the scooter is not enough power continue to drive so it need to charge power now.

P (Power) and E (Economy) transmission:

In order to suit different driving habit, user can switch the more powerful P transmission or standard E transmission.

P transmission is use to climbing hill, can speed up in a moment, but it will cause more...
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