Profile Essay on a Friend Named Matt

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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Matthew Mcfadden
As he shouted across the soft spoken restaurant everyone stared at him, he then started doing a ridiculous dance and caught my undivided attention as my odd co worker. My fellow co-workers have told me so much about this man being lazy and annoying, so I pretended I had no interest. However, he caught my attention as to why he was the way he was. His name is Matt McFadden, and as of today we are close friends. Without even knowing he taught me through his actions never to judge a book by its cover. He ended up being one of the easiest people to get along with from the company. Everyone who loves him or hate him cannot help but to laugh or smile when he speaks to them. This new friendship between him and I impacted the way I judge people. Matt was born November 1st 1989 in the lovely city of North Royalton. He has one older sister exceptionally loving parents. As a young child, his idol was Jim Carrey. For those who do not know Jim Carrey, he is one of the funniest actors who started his career as a comedian. Matt, at age three, would watch his movies and reenact his funniest moments. He would entertain his family and their friends every Friday night acting just like Jim Carrey. He has the natural ability to make anyone laugh at anytime. Twenty years later Jim Carrey still has an impact on him and taught him that life doesn’t always have to be serious; now making people smile is what Matt loves doing. Whenever situations get tough, he is always the one to step in and brighten up the moment. Not many people can do that, but Matt has that truly unique gift. When he was younger and got into trouble with his parents his goofy ways always seemed to save him. When he is in trouble at work, he continues to get away with it because of his silly personality. I cannot understand how he does it. It is his natural gift to laugh his way out of situations. While Matt is always making people laugh there is one thing that makes him happy. It is something I would...
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