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Austin Stradinger
Writing Profile
Feb 6th, 2012
Life is a Lesson
“Whatever the day brings you, is a day to be thankful for and make the most of. There’s no one event that’s ever put me on a different course, one that I can say really turned the boat around.” -Ron Stradinger

There were thousands of questions on my mind as I got off work and lugged myself to the residence of my boss. Instead of nervously answering questions, I was preparing to engage in my first interview where I asked them. But, as I walked into his entry and unlaced my leather boots, interview questions were least on my mind. Instead, my mind was full of self-doubting, nervous questions persistently shaking the foundation of my confidence. “Do I have the right questions?”, “How will he respond?”, “What if he doesn’t like the essay?”, or my biggest wonder, “How can I translate the most influential person I know, onto paper?” I have known of my boss’ passion for carpentry and construction since the day I met him, but what I wanted to know was, how this passion was brought forth? I walked through the kitchen towards the living room; the freshly cooked food did nothing to slow my racing mind. In less than five steps I made my way through the middle of the living room, to seat myself on a loveseat, under any other circumstances I would have been extremely comfortable, but my blood pressure was far too high to be thinking of a couch. Across from me, waiting for his grandson, was a father, grandfather, pastor, and master carpenter, Ron Stradinger. 2

The first twins, Ron Stradinger was born alongside his sister Ellie on May 16th, 1947 in the small hospital of Mobridge, SD. The proud parents of four children, Otto and Lydia Stradinger were local farm owners in the small town of Isabel, SD. Being born to small farm owners, Ron loved the outdoors. When asked about his favorite hobby as a young man, he quickly responded “I loved “hunting and fishing all around home”, and then as he came...
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