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Proficient Readers

By | May 2012
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Seven Habits of Proficient Readers

|Teacher Language |Student Language | |1.  Activating prior or background knowledge |1. Thinking about what you already know -- things you learned from reading | | |other books, things you have done, things you have seen in movies or on TV,| | |or things that others have taught you. | |2.  Determining importance |2.  Figuring out what is most important in a book, chapter, paragraph or | | |sentence. | |3.  Asking questions |3.  Asking yourself questions before, during and after reading. | |4.  Visualizing |4.  Turning words into pictures. Drawing pictures in your head from a | | |description in a book.  | | |  | |5.  Inferring |5.  Filling in missing stuff about a story because the author doesn’t tell | | |you.  You have to think about the story and things that you know. | |6.  Retelling, Summarizing, Synthesizing |6.  Retelling:  Telling a story like you read it, in the...

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