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  • Published : September 29, 2011
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English has been an international language in today’s generation. No matter in where they work, they need English to communicate and build relationship with the people in the organization. The decline in the proficiency of English in Malaysia has reached an alarming level which means the standard of English of the Malaysian drops when compare to the past 20 years. Malaysia has different races which create different religions and also languages in the country. People of different races remain to speak or communicate in their own languages has become one of the big problem for Malaysian to improve the standard of English.

First of all, Malaysia education system is one of the main factors that cause the proficiency of English in Malaysia become worse. This is because the Malaysia education system only focuses on the Bahasa Malaysia which is the Malay language. In secondary school, many subjects are in Bahasa Malaysia but only a few subjects started to use English as the main language such as, Mathematics, Physic, Chemistry and Biology which means that students nowadays will only realize the importance of English when they stepped into college or society. This causes the Malaysian students have lack of practice and cannot speak well in English when compare to other countries’ students. The mass media and television programs in Malaysia are mostly in Bahasa Malaysia. This is why Malaysian cannot even learn English language through television programs and it causes the standard of English to drop. For example, there are still many advertisements and banners that displayed in our country use Malay as the main language to bring out the information to the consumers.

The other factors that causes the decline in the proficiency of English in Malaysia is the learning environment. The decreases of the standard of English should not only blame on the government because friends and family members around us also playing an important role on today’s generation. According...
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