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Proficiency Narrative

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HPS 4430
November 30, 2010
PTEU Proficiencies
Portfolio Narrative
Proficiency 1.1: Throughout each lesson I taught at my middle and high schools I made sure that I kept my lesson in line with the state and national standards. I did this by keeping my objectives appropriate for what the lessons were about. I made sure that my students did not get off task from the objectives and the goals from my lessons. After meeting with my collaborative teacher I feel that I was successful in meeting this proficiency. Proficiency 1.2: I designed my lessons based on my objectives that I wanted my students to meet. The lessons I chose were appropriate for the objectives for each lesson and the content of each lesson applied to the physical education lesson and my lesson objectives. For example, one objective was for passing. I wanted my students to display the proper throwing techniques as the quarterback during their group activity. Proficiency 1.3: I think I could have related my football lesson to life experiences. I could have asked the students what their favorite football team is or if they had a favorite player. If they did not show interest in this then maybe relate throwing to baseball because it is essentially the same throwing motion. Proficiency 1.4: From my Developmental Movement class we learned how to move to open space, or create open space. During my lesson we learned how to receive the football without a defender and then with a defender. The students were able to move freely in open space with no one defending them at first. However, once there was a defender they were forced to create or move to open space. I was able to incorporate what I learned from my HPS 1500 class and use it in my lesson to help students create open space. Proficiency 2.1: After looking over my pre-tests that I distributed I found out quickly what my students knew and what they did not know. I also found from some of their answers how they learn by how they...

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