Proffesional Health Care Communication

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  • Published : December 8, 2009
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Professional Healthcare Communication

Lina Mitchell

University of Boston


In the following article , the author will discuss the relevance of effective personal and professional healthcare communication between professionals, clients and patients. Some examples of poor patient outcomes linked to ineffective healthcare communication will also be discussed.

Professional Healthcare Communication

Healthcare communication refers to transactions between numbers of a healthcare team and clients regarding healthcare related issues. The Healthcare communication model looks at it from a broader perspective to include factors outside the healthcare setting that influence the participants and therefore influencing the outcome of the interaction. Three major factors that are mentioned are: relationships, transactions and contexts. The healthcare communication model portrays and discusses 4 major types of relationships that exist in healthcare setting namely; professional-professional, professional- client, professional- significant other and client- significant other. The relationship between the patient/client and the healthcare provider is probably the most important aspect of any transaction in a healthcare setting as it greatly and directly influences patient outcomes. At a time when the healthcare trends are moving towards patients being more independent and proactive in their healthcare matters and management it has become imperative to pay close attention to how the various kinds of relationships affect patients’ understanding, goals and outcomes. Effective personal relationships between clinicians and patients and their significant others should be an important practice. As healthcare professionals it is important to first know and acknowledge our own personal values in order to better recognize and accept others. Many factors affect personal care. A few examples are personal...
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