Professor Henry Corrie

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St. John G. Ervine presents the sensational drama “PROGRESS” in which the story rotates around the characters of Professor Henry Corrie and his sister Mrs. Meldon. Professor Henry Corrie is about sixty years of age. He lives in a remoter village in the North of England. He is happy in isolation because he can concentrate on his secret research work.


Corrie has cold humorless eyes. There are cruel lines on his face but they are bidden behind the thickish beard. He is very dangerous but apparently he does not seem to be so. He is a symbol of tyranny. destruction, selfishness and materialism.


Corrie is D. Sc. And highly, educated scientist of England. He is completely absorbed in his research word. After a life long struggle, he has been successful in discovering a terrible formula of a devastating bomb. It will devastate a district. It will release a powerful, spreading poisonous gas, without colour or smell. Those who will inhale it, their bodies will rot and rust and nothing will save them happily he says: “Ah! At last by heaven I

Have done it, at last.”


Corrie is the complete representative of today’s materialistic world. Although his bomb will kill thousands with in no time, and will wipe out big cities like Manchester yet he feels proud of his invention and say: “This will bring fame and fortune

to me. I shall be rich now, but
more than that I shall be famous.”
He is mad after wealth. Greed and lust of wealth has turned him not only materialistic and selfish but also unpatriotic. “If they won’t pay my price,
I’ll offer it to son ebody else”.
This is the height of treachery. The great scientist fails to visualize that if the enemy uses that bomb, his own country-men would be eliminated.


Corrie is not a social man. He is so lost in his work that he has lost all interest...
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