Professionalism or Professional Behavior

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Professionalism Or Professional behavior:

This refers to a particular type of behavior within a business environment. Professionalism and business ethics are closely related. Professionalism means to observe the code of ethics of business or profession, rather than on impulse or from personal preference.

This implies the need for such skills as:

• The ability to deal with difficult customers.

• The ability to deal with criticism.

• The ability to understand the body language of others.

• The ability to express your thoughts and ideas clearly.

• The ability to listen to others.

• The ability to demonstrate self control.

In order to be seen as professional by management:

• Work must be kept confidential.

• Deadlines must be met.

• Gifts should not be accepted by customers.

• Business property should not be used for personal matters.

• There should not be discrimination against co-workers.

• Unethical behavior & illegal activities should be reported.

Here are 3 examples of scenarios and their solutions:


A customer needs yoghurt. The only yoghurt in stock has passed its ‘sell by date’. If the yoghurt is sold there will be income otherwise it will be thrown away which will be a loss for the business. What could be said to the customers?

The business needs to be aware that food that is past their sell by date can still be sold. They will have to have a special on the remaining yoghurt stock and put up a notice saying clearly that they are having a sale on the yoghurt. However they will have to state clearly that the yoghurts are past their sell-by-dates. After this is done the customer then makes the purchase with all the information needed about the product and the business will not be held liable for any problems thereof. But, the business must realize although products can be sold past their sell by date they cannot be sold past their expiry date. Products have to be checked carefully to make...
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