Professionalism in the Workplace

Topics: Management, Employment, Conducting Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: July 17, 2012
Professionalism can be defined as the proper attitude and conduct of a person in the work force, school, or even in their personal life (Collins English Dictionary, 2012) . Professionalism is a quality that is a great asset for any individual to have, and a person that is professional should always act with integrity, be trustworthy, be respectful of others, and always conduct their business in the appropriate manor. Wither a person owns their business or works for another company this is a necessary trait for every employee and everyone affiliated with the business. Professionalism plays a major role in the work place. It insures that performance is maintained in the work place. This will mean that the employees will have a better environment to conduct work. It will help the business to run with greater efficiency, organization and higher production rates. A person in the work place needs to have good professional skills, because they are representatives of the place of business in which they work for. It will give the employees ease of mind to have equality, no chance of unethical acts towards employees in the work place. Not only is professionalism an important aspect to have in the workplace for the employees within the company, it also is important for perspective business and employees that may come into the establishment. The first impression can significantly impact the success of the business. Statistics show that 55 percent of first impressions are based on the overall appearance, and people coming into the establishment decide wither or not they like the establishment within the first 10 seconds and will choose to do business with the establishment( (Bianchi, 2005). When professionalism is not used in the workplace business will be effected, and there could be a loss in repeat business, and revenue. Lack of professionalism can also lead to employees not thinking of the organization as their own, but as a place where they will stay until...
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