Professionalism in Nursing

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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How to be Professional in the Nursing Environment
Professionalism is the act of being respectful and courteous to others. This should be a personal desire and not something that needs to be reinforced legally. How you carry yourself and interact with others is the presentation of yourself that affects others attitudes toward you. Being professional can elevate the respect you receive and improve your relationships with clients and other professionals. “Professionals are expected to show a degree of special attainment, altruism, and self-sacrifice in their dealings with the rest of the community and in return receive privileges both in the workplace and at large” (Bryan-Brown, et al. 2003).

Clinical Professionalism
During clinicals, you are working in the professional environment that will make up your career. You will be at various health care environments in which you will be judged on your ability to look, act, and be professional. You must dress appropriately (i.e. clean uniform, badge), wear suitable accessories, be well groomed, and wear the proper scrubs. Communication in this environment is extremely important. A nurse is commonly dealing with people involved in health care situations which can scare and overwhelm their emotions to the point that they look to the nurse for comfort and answers. Conduct yourself with a level of knowledge but remember you must communicate on a level that they can understand and from which they receive comfort. Dealings with other staff must also be professional. Speaking about your patient(s) must be done in a confidential manner so that nothing is overheard and misinterpreted. Furthermore, you should take care in your eating/cleanliness habits so that nothing slovenly is seen to impinge upon your appearance of being a professional. At all times, confidentiality must be maintained. Classroom Professionalism

Professionalism must extend to the classroom environment. Your peers are the...
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