Professionalism in Healthcare

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Elizabeth Smith

Unit 1 Assignment

Professionalism in healthcare

March, 31st 2011

I will be writing my paper on the meaning of professionalism and why healthcare providers are held to a higher standard of accountability. The meaning of professionalism to me is being respectful and honest. But the true meaning of professionalism is a state of mind, a way of” being”, knowing and doing that sets you apart from others. It gives you directions on how you look, behave, think and act. It brings together what you are as a person & what you think is valuable and how you treat others, and the way you contribute to the workplace. Professionals view their jobs as a source of pride and a reflection of the role they play in the workforce. Healthcare professionals are good at what they do and they like what it is that they are doing. They also enjoy helping people & knowing that they made a difference in their lives. Healthcare is a basic need for survival in any world or country you live in. patients rely on healthcare providers to provide them with affordable, state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to help them when they are ill or they are injured, or other things that are not normal. We all need to remember that it’s not the job you do but how you do it that makes you a professional. Just think you expect your healthcare provider to know what they are doing when it comes to your health, you wouldn’t want to pull someone of the streets to take care of you health because they haven’t had the training to take care of your healthcare needs. Healthcare professionals are held up to a higher standard of accountability because they are dealing with human lives, plus you would want your healthcare provider to be able to take responsibility for their actions. You would also hope that they are responsible enough to handle the consequences of their...
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