Professionalism in Clinical Nursing

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Professionalism in a Clinical Nursing Setting

Professionalism in a Clinical Nursing Setting
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Professionalism holds within its ambit several factors that combine to give it a collective meaning. It is marked by achieving an alignment between one’s attitude and the expectations of his profession. Professionalism is the part and parcel of all major professions of the world and clinical nursing is no exception in this regard. Moreover, professional behaviors are the true manifestation of professional attitudes and hence the importance of professionalism in clinical nursing can not be over emphasized. Cambridge Dictionary defines professionalism as follows: “Having the type of job that is respected because it involves a high level of education and training” OR

“Having the qualities that connect you with trained and skilled people, such as effectiveness, skill, organization, and seriousness of manner” (Cambridge Dictionary). Therefore it becomes crystal clear that adhering to defined rules, regulations and procedures is the utmost pre-requisite to professionalism because of which it holds paramount significance for all professions including clinical nursing. Without specific knowledge and skilled training pertinent to a field, the true essence of professionalism can not be materialized. Attributes of Professionalism:

There are numerous vital elements of professionalism out of which following are some of the essential attributes of professionalism: 1. Specialized Knowledge:
Specialized knowledge is the foremost characteristic of a professional. It highlights such professionals who endeavor hard to enhance and improve their skills through degrees and certifications that serve as the stepping stone for specialized knowledge (RNAO, 2007). 2. Competency:

Another powerful characteristic of professionals is competency. Professionals are always in pursuit of excellence and in order to...
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