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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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Freshman Business Connections
5 October 2010
Professionalism in the workplace is a very important part of corporate etiquette. So, what does this term really mean? How do we ensure that it is maintained? Professionalism is basically, the knowledge that an individual carries about a certain field. At work, professionalism refers to a person doing his job with sincerity, and maintaining professional etiquette and professional ethics in the workplace. It leads to logical and completely unbiased decision making, making it the basis of a good work environment. Professionalism at work is completely devoid of politics, positive politics or mind games. Its root lies in those who do their work with quality and quantity in mind. Professionalism is not just a set of appearances, nor is it just technical skill. Many technically skilled people are not really professional. Professionalism is, rather, a set of internalized character strengths and values directed toward high quality service to others through one's work. In their daily work, whatever it may be, real professionals show these inner strengths and attitudes: sound judgment, business experience, mature responsibility, problem-solving perseverance and creativity, along with what people call "class." This is as true for hair-dressers, carpenters, machinists, police officers, and barbers as it is for lawyers, physicians, and engineers. Any honest work can be done professionally. Professionals show self-respect in their work. They're conscious that their work reflects their inner character. Their work is, among other things, a statement of their personal commitment to excellence of performance. They don't see work as just a job to be done. They see work as service to others. Professionalism in the workplace is important to ensure good performance by all. If everyone is professional, everyone will do the best they can at their job. Professionalism in the workplace is required to ensure a good...
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