Topics: 21st century, Management, Etiquette Pages: 2 (325 words) Published: March 13, 2013
1. Increasing Professionalism
* 1
Incorporate patience into your attitude. Increasing professionalism will take time to see results, because it is from actions carried out over time. Stay the course to reap the rewards. Seek a consultant with project management or etiquette experience in business. There are seminars to assist in the search for a consultant with skills to help better manage professionalism at all levels in business (see References). * 2

Select a strategy to be implemented. For example, to increase professionalism, be courteous and savvy when considering how to treat others. In essence, you should apply the golden rule and treat others the way you want to be treated. Doing this should increase the bottom line and foster a better work environment. The behavior becomes habitual and part of everyday business life. * 3

Establish goals that are clearly emphasized by the organization's leadership. This can mean providing incentives to employees or yourself when accomplishing a goal that relates to being a professional. Practice speaking clearly and succinctly. Learn how to stand and present to others. Stand in front of a mirror for improved effect. Review YouTube videos, attend events or go back to school. Great resources can be found online and in live classroom settings. * 4

Create checklists when evaluating the effectiveness of increasing professionalism. Write down qualities or goals that must be achieved. For example, punctuality and good customer service are vital in business transactions. Use online calendar solutions to assist with scheduling. * 5

Make accountability a priority. This means being responsible for actions that influence outcomes. If there are errors, correct them immediately and apologize. The ability to learn from mistakes will enhance professionalism as well. * 6

Change your attitude. Be proactively looking for opportunities to assist others. This will help hone...
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